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How feedback, change requests, and suggestions are handled
How feedback, change requests, and suggestions are handled

Overview of how we handle feedback and requests received from those using our service.

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At HOA Express, we love customer feedback! In fact, many of our present-day features were originally suggested by customers, and we're constantly improving.

To facilitate feedback, we've created a public feedback portal for our customers. You can use this to submit new ideas, vote on suggestions from other customers, and even discuss how new features should be implemented.

The voting feature on this feedback portal is particularly useful and helps us determine which improvements would provide the most benefit. In addition, our product team considers other factors, such as:

  • The difficulty or complexity of the request

  • How the request will impact the usage of our product

  • How the feedback fits into our short and long term plans

  • Whether the change aligns with our design philosophy

Design philosophy

Our goal is to design software that is both surprisingly intuitive and functional. This is a delicate balance to strike. Our software tends to be boiled down to its essential elements, rather than bloated with settings or functions. This is one of the most prominent ways we ensure our interface is so uncommonly user friendly. It also ensures websites are incredibly easy to set up from the outset.

As much as we'd love to, we can't implement every feature request we receive. We provide websites to thousands of communities and receive a large volume of feature requests every year. Implementing each wouldn't allow us to stick to our design philosophy.

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