Overview of why we've implemented HTTPS on our websites.

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HTTPS, sometimes referred to as "SSL" or "TLS," is a crucial security feature we provide for every community website—whether free or paid. Don't let others fool you into believing HTTPS is optional, a personal preference, or should cost extra. Without HTTPS, your members' personal details, passwords, and private information are not safe. It's why website browsers issue prominent warnings for websites that don't use HTTPS.

Not providing HTTPS is reckless, yet we're still one of the only community website providers to protect every website 100% with HTTPS, completely free. And we've been doing it for years.

Plus, we don't stop there. We use a modern technique called HSTS to instruct browsers to never access the website without HTTPS. This protects against even highly sophisticated attacks.

You can verify that your connection to a website is secure by checking if the URL contains "https://" instead of "http://" (note the 's').

What HTTPS does

HTTPS encrypts all data traveling between a website visitor and the website itself, and ensures the visitor is connecting to the website they think they're connecting to. This prevents others from viewing your private data while it's in transit, something even a novice attacker could easily do.

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