Before any payments have been made for a particular payment option, you can either delete it entirely or simply deactivate that payment option. However, once a payment option has received a payment, it is only possible to deactivate it.

Deactivating a payment option

By deactivating a payment option, it will no longer be available for members to pay. When a payment option is deactivated, you can still view details about the payment option and a history of payments that have been made to it from the "Online Payments" section in the Admin Control Panel. However, the payment option will no longer be visible to members and will not allow any further payments (unless reactivated).


To deactivate a payment option, click the green check in the "Active" column (shown below). If you see an "X" in the column instead, it's because the payment option is already deactivated. Clicking on the “X” again will reactivate the payment option.

Deleting a payment option

You can delete a payment option by clicking the red button in the "Delete" column. If you see "N/A" in the column instead of the red "X" icon, it is because there are already payments that have been made for that payment option, so you will not be able to delete it.

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